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Q)How do I add a product to my cart?
A)To add a product to your cart you first go to the productpage of your desired product. There you click on ‘’add to cart’’/ You can then choose to continue shopping or to complete your order.

Q) How can I complete my order?
A)On the shopping cart page you can click on ‘complete purchase’. If you have an account, you can log into your account with your information. When you don’t have an account yet, you can make one or complete your purchase without registration.

Q) How do I create an account?
A)To create an account, finish your purchase by clicking on ‘register’ or click in the menu-bar on ‘login’. Here you can make an account. With your next purchase, you will only have to log in and submit your order. If needed you can change the delivery address.

Q)How do I order without registration?
A)If you want to place an order without registration, submit your order by clicking on ‘order without registration’. Here you can fill in your invoice- and shipping address and choose your prefered shipping-and payment method.

Q)What if a product is temporary unavailable?
A)When the product is temporary unavailable, this will be mentioned on the website. If your order contains a product that is temporary unavailable you will be personally informed about the estimated time of delivery. A partial delivery will take place, the backorder will me paid for by Piggy Proof.

Q)How do I modify my invoice- or delivery information?
A)By logging in with your account you can modify your information. If your invoice- or delivery address from a recently placed order needs to be modified, you can call our customerservice (+31 88 472 0274).

Q)How do I change the content of my basket?
A)If you want to remove a product from your shopping cart , click the X next to the number of products . If you want to change the number of units of a product , use the arrows next to the number of units.

Q)How can I change my completed order or cancel?
A)When the order is finalized , it can not be changed or canceled. We ask you to email our customer service so that we can review your request as quickly as possible.

Q)What should I do if I received my cancalled package?
A)If possible, we recommend you refuse delivery to the door . The carrier then ensures that the package comes back to us. If you have already received taken the package we ask you to contact by mail with the customer service 

Q)In what ways can I pay? 
A)In the webshop you can pay via iDeal, MasterCard or VISA. You can also pay when your order is shipped, choose the shipping method COD.

Q)Do you charge fees for payment? 
A)In the Piggy Proof webshop payment with iDeal , MasterCard and VISA is free of charge. 

Q)Do the prices include VAT? 
A)Yes, all prices on the Piggy Proof webshop include VAT.

Q)Who will deliver my order?
A)Our packages are delivered by DPD. Orders placed on business days are delivered within 1-3 business days (if stock is sufficient).

Q) What are the shipping costs? 
A)For orders over €50,- within the Benelux and Germany, you pay no shipping costs in case of regular shipping. For orders up to €50,- you will be charged €4.99 shipping costs for shipments within the Netherlands, €6.99 for shipments to Belgium and €8.99 for shipments to Germany 

Q) How do I know where my package is? 
A)If your package is shipped you will receive an e- mail with a Track & Trace link. Through this link you can find the status and location of your order. If you did not receive a Track & Trace link, it may be in your spam filter. If this is not the case, please mail us at [email protected]

Q)How is the package delivered if I am not home?
A)If you are not home , your package will be delivered at your neighbors. If a delivery at yout neighbors is not possible you will receive a card in the mail that allows you to select the next delivery time. (a different day or time period of your choice or delivery at a DPD service point.

Q)How do I return my products? 
A)You can email your request for a return ([email protected]) and send us your customer number, delivery note number and what products you wish to return. If the seal on the product packaging has been broken, returning the product will not be accepted. If the seal is not broken, you can send the products for return to:

Piggy Proof
Atoomweg 10-137
9743 AK Groningen
The Netherlands

When we have received the package we will send you a confirmation to make sure that the package has arrived. After receiving the package, the amount will be refunded within 14 days.

Q)What warranty do I have?
A)When you purchase products from the Piggy Proof webshop the legal warranty applies. Legal warranty means that what the product says it will do, that the consumer may expect this from the purchased product. There is no legal time limit attached to this guarantee because it is different for each product.

For questions about specific cases you can always contact our customer service at or [email protected]. Within five business days we will respond to your question.

Q)What does the right to withdrawal entail?
A)As a consumer you have the right to withdrawal. This means that you always have the possibility of returning a product ordered online within a specified period.

You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without any reason. 

During this time you can examine the product that it works how you hoped it would. In order to evaluate the product, it is not necessary to take the product out of its packaging, therefore, if the sealing of the packaging is broken, this leads to a decrease in value which you yourself will be charged for.

The withdrawal period will expire 14 days after the day you or a designated third party other than the carrier, has received the product in possession.

If you have ordered in one order more goods with different delivery times, the withdrawal period will expire 14 days after the day you or a third party have received the final product.

Q)How do I claim my right to withdrawal?
A)To indicate that you would like to cancel your order please send the completed withdrawal form within 14 days of original purchase to [email protected]. After sending the form you have 14 calendar days to return the product. We ask you of it is possible that the product be retuned in its original packaging.

Form model withdrawal

Q)What do I pay after the revocation of my package?
A)After you have exercised your right of withdrawal, you will receive all payments, including any delivery charges for the next shipment, within 14 days. You bear the cost of return shipping.

Q)What are the contact details of Piggy Proof?
A)For questions about products and orders, you can contact us by mail or telephone. 

Email: [email protected]

Office:                                        Postadress:

Piggy Proof                                Same adress                       
Atoomweg 10-137
9743 AK Groningen
The Netherlands


The address for returning orders please visit the page "shipping & returns" “Shipping &returns”

Q)Can I give you tips to improve products and services? 
A)Piggy Proof strives for customer-friendly service and quality products. That is why Piggy Proof is always open for tips and improvements and would love to receive these via [email protected] or if you have an account, you can also submit a ticket.

Q)Where can I submit a complaint? 
A)On weekdays you can reach our Customer Service department by sending an email to [email protected]. In the case of an e-mail you will receive a substantive response within 5 working days and we will solve the problem as soon as possible. 

Do you find that your complaint is not dealt with properly, please contact the Disputes Commission through the European ODR platform (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/).

Q)What does "Nano" mean?
A)"Nano" is the Greek word for "dwarf" and is used in the art as order of magnitude as for example environ-, centimeters and kilograms are used. "Nano" means "one billionth of something." A nanometer is one billionth of a meter (10⁹ m). A human hair is about 80,000 nanometers thick. And one nanometer compare to one meter, such as a small football compares to the earth.

Q)What is nanotechnology?
A)"Nanotechnology" refers to the examination, processing and application of materials and objects with a size of 1 to 100 nanometers, so this is at a molecular level.

Q)Do Piggy Proof products contain nanomaterials?
A)The Piggy Proof Premium Protectors and Piggy Proof Active Perfume contain silicon dioxide (SiO2). In terms of size the Silica particles used in Piggy Proof correspond with the "nanotechnology" definition.

Q)What is Silica?
A)Silica is an important component of glass, it is very hard, practically insoluble and resistant to many chemicals. The ultrathin layer formed with the Piggy Proof Premium Protectors is extremely strong, long-lasting and invisible.

Q)How "new" is the use of Silica?
A)The technology that Nano Silicon dioxide is produced dates back to the early 1950s This specific form of nanotechnology has been used for a long time. Recent innovations make Silicon dioxide suitable for use in advanced coatings that make materials extreme moisture and dirt repellent. It is thus a superior and less health and environmental impact alternative to coatings based on fluorocarbon resins. Despite Silica Nano material has a much longer history of safe and widespread use than more recently developed nano materials such as carbon nanotubes and quantum dots.

Q)Why does a surface which is treated with Piggy Proof Premium Protector become moisture and dirt repellent.
A)The Silicon dioxide in Piggy Proof changes the way in which the surface reacts to dirt and moisture. The surface energy is reduced, there will virtually be no wetting of the surface, therefore a water drop will off the surface.

Q)What happens to the Silica if the Piggy Proof Premium Protector or Active Perfume is used?
A)If the product is applied to a surface it forms a film that dries. When the film dries, the silicon dioxide particles form a very strong covering three-dimensional network. The concatenation of nanoparticles to the "large" three-dimensional network is irreversible, therefore, there is no longer any question of "free nano-sized particles" after drying.

Q)How stable is the three-dimensional network of the dried silica particles? Are Nano particles released as the coated surface is sanded or in any other way (mechanicly) taxed?
A)The three-dimensional network formed by the drying of the product is greatly strongly bonded to the underlying surface. Any particles released as a result of the (mechanical) strain of the coated surface at all times concatenated particles with a size bigger than "nano dimensions." It is not possible from the fully dried silicon dioxide layer to form re-Nano particles.

Q)Is there a risk if inhalation of Nano Silica particles taks place? If so, do these nano particles penetrate deep into the body?
A)Piggy Proof Premium Protectors and Active Perfume contain Nano Silica particles. The products are sprayed with the aid of a pump spray onto the surface to be treated. The used spray nozzles form droplets with a size >100 micrometers, the size of these droplets is are big enough that they are trapped in the airways and do not reach the lungs.

Did not find the information you were looking for? We are happy to help! Ask a question by e-mail ([email protected]) Thank you!

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